Saturday, July 29, 2006

United Sucks

   Well, if possible, I have flown my last flight on United. Friday I flew from SLO to OKC on United. I bought a last-minute ticket (so I paid them heftily for it) that would take me from SLO at 6:00 am and get me in to OKC at 3:30 pm. Now normally, I would have flown on USAirways, not because they are really any good at being on-time or because they have any really good help, but because they have the best connections. (Only one stop between SLO and OKC.) Unfortunately, this time, the earliest flight on USAirways would not have gotten me in to OKC until 1030 pm. My understanding was that the job was to begin just after midnite in McAlester, so the 1030 flight would be too late.
   I won't go into any great detail on exactly what happened, but between United's multiple mechanical failures, scheduling problems, and extremely poor customer service, I did not arrive into OKC until 11pm. I could have taken the USAirways flight, left 9-1/2 hours later, paid $200 less, and arrived at the same time.
   Luckily, they dropped a fish down the well (fish=2-3/8" socket) just after midnite, and it took them about 9 hours to get it out, so I got a good nite sleep in McAlester.


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