Saturday, July 15, 2006

1/2 Down, 2-1/2 to Go

   Well, we decided to pull the tool early after we got stuck in the hole. (Getting stuck had nothing at all to do with the tool-it was just along for the ride.) The customer didn't want to risk losing the tools, so we aborted the test early. (The tool worked flawlessly while it was in the hole, though.) There is another job I can get on that will start Sunday morning, 6am. It is only a few miles down the road, so I guess I will restock the RV and head out!
   Also, it is stinkin hot here. The temperature has been well over 100, and the humidity is high too. Accuweather is calling for record-breaking heat for the next week at least! Yuk.
Happy Birthday, MOM!!!


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