Thursday, July 13, 2006

Weight-On-Bit, or Wait-On-Bit?

   Well, I'm back in Oklahoma. Sadly, I left before Andrea returned from Minneapolis so I won't be able to see my sweetie until I am done with this trip. If all goes to plan, this will be my last trip to Oklahoma for testing of this new tool we have been working on. The Boss Man has decided that I need to be present for three successful runs in a row, and Oklahoma just happens to be our ideal test ground. So, I am here to hopefully run all three tests.
   Because of the not-centrally-located nature of the locations where I will be running the tests, I have decided to rent an RV so I can stay on location. I picked up a 24-footer from the Oklahoma City Cruise America office, and got stocked with Diet Pepsi and microwave foods. So far so good... I'll keep you posted on my RV-ing across "America's Corner."
   P.S. for anyone not oilfield-inclined (or in case my pun is just plain lame), in the picture above they are putting the maximum weight onto the bit! The blocks are slacked over and we are still drilling slow!


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