Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hi Grandma!

   Today, Andrea and I were paid a visit by my parents and my grandma. She is out from Minnesota visiting my parents, so we invited them down to see the house and to visit. I missed my grandma's visit last year because I was out of town on business, so I was pretty glad to see her this year. She had not seen the house before (even though it is still under construction). We gave her the grand tour, but since there is really no seating in the house for more than Andrea and I, we headed to Morro Bay for a stroll on the embarcadero and some dinner. After some fish and chips at the Flying Dutchman, we went over to Morro Rock and watched the sun (almost) set.
   On a side note, it was about 30 degrees cooler in Morro Bay than in Paso. Sometimes it's easy to forget what a difference 20 miles can make!


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