Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Big Help...

   This weekend I finally got a chance to make some some more progress on the living room. I have been out-of-town soo many weekends this year, the project is really dragging. I even managed to enlist the help of Andrea for a while today in replacing the old floor boards! She must have pulled out a few thousand nails from the floor!
   I know---you're thinking: "Why would Ben want to rip out that nice oak flooring and replace it with boring-old OSB and carpet?" I must admit that it made me feel a bit queasy as I ripped the nice pieces of oak to shreds...but I decided that it had to be done. The old floor had some serious water damage, and was not really installed properly, so it creaked really badly every time you moved around! We got the new subfloor installed today and so far I am very happy with how quiet it is!!
   Unfortunately, it sounds like I'll be heading back to OKC before next weekend, so I guess the progress will have to go back on hold for a while.....


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