Sunday, May 07, 2006

Crash and Burn

   Well, the test that I am in Oklahoma to run failed immediately, meaning that they had to trip our tool right back out of the hole (about 2700 ft). This is the sort of thing that makes me quite unpopular with the roughnecks! Oh well, this is the world of development and engineering.....
   I needed to get some of the parts shipped back to ATA as fast as possible, so I raced back to Oklahoma City in search of the UPS shipping depot. Andrea guided me on the phone to the UPS center, which turned out to be closed when I got there. (I'm not really sure how they can accept packages for shipment until 4pm on Saturdays, when their customer service center is not even open!) I was running out of time, so Andrea and I (she was in CA on the map) zipped over to FedEx (across OKC) Amazing Race style! I made it there just before 4pm (turns out they were open until 5!) and got all of our equipment shipped back.
   Now, my job title changes (as it so often does) to "Hot-Shot Driver," basically making me into a well-paid courier! I have to wait in Oklahoma until they finish this well and I can retrieve the rest of our experimental equipment and expedite it back to ATA. Hopefully they will be done tonight or in the morning so I can be on a flight from Dallas by Tuesday morning.


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