Friday, March 03, 2006

Andrea's Birthday in Tahoe

Well, Andrea and I have finished our first day of downhill skiing at Northstar-At-Tahoe!! We came up here to celebrate Andrea's birthday by trying out something we have both been talking about for a while! It turned out to be quite a stormy day as it snowed pretty hard most of the day. We managed to get a great parking place and after we figured out the ski rental system, we were off to the slopes! We spent a few hours of the morning just trying to get comfortable in our skis, basically we went up and down a twenty-foot hill near the lodge over and over. I would watch people who knew what they were doing pass by, then I would copy them.
At lunchtime, the mid-mountain lodge was absolutely packed so our only option was to sit outside in the blizzard (as you can see in the picture above)! The overpriced food was not made any better by being snowed on!
After lunch, we took our first day of "Ski School" where we practiced on the bunny slope until we could make it down and stop comfortably. We finished they day on the Bear Paw lift with a daring run down Woodcutter! Posted by Picasa


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