Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gyro School Classroom

I have finished the first full day of gyro training here in Aberdeen. Looks like we will be having only classroom training for the first three days, which is a little different than the training we normally hold. Usually we spend the first half of the first day discussing theory, and then the students go on a tour of ATA and the clean room . . . After that, I usually try to mix theory (classroom boring stuff) and operations (fun in-a-real-well stuff) throughout the remaining days.
Unfortunately, since the test well here costs nearly £1200 per day, we cannot be out there for very long, and all the rest of the training must be in the shop and in the lab. Normally, I guess this would have been OK - we could do a good deal of training from our office here, but theNorwegianss are over for a safety audit (I think they spend more money on safety than drilling over there) so we couldn't use the conference room at the SDC office.
Anyway, above is a picture of the training facility we are been at, which honestly is the nicest classroom I've ever taught a gyro class in (except that there is not a well drilled in the middle of it!!). Only complaint: Sparkling water!


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