Thursday, February 16, 2006

This Isn't the Zippy Car You're Looking For...

When I made my car reservations to come over here to Scotland, I requested an Audi A3 (which although it is a PT-Crusier-esque vehicle, at least it is a somewhat good looking one). Unfortunately, when I arrived at the airport in Aberdeen, the kind lady at the counter informed me that they did not, in fact, have the Audi available. Instead she set me up with a bright red Renault Scénic. Of course, every one here in the office now laughs at me for driving a Renault, but I dont think it's that bad.....
  • Key System: The key is not really a key, but rather an card thing. The car has a START button! (Which is handy for me when I stall the manual transmission in the middle of a roundabout.)
  • Dash Board: There are no normal guages on the dash, rather everything is digital. This includes the speed and tach. Overall, I think this whole thing is kinda hard to see.
  • Steering Wheel Audio Controls: I like the paddle-type volume and mute controls on the steering column, but right beneath them, there is an extremely sensitive wheel that selects radio stations and cd tracks. Every time I try to adjust the volume (or turn on the windshield wipers), I bump the wheel and lose my radio station.
Oh, and one more thing, the steering wheel is on the wrong side!


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